Friday, July 30, 2010

Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon

Madonna's daughter is 14 now, and she is not only infinitely cooler than I was at 14, she is about a million times cooler than I will ever hope to be. EVERRR. Not like this is a news flash - her mother is Madonna. She looks a lot like her mom did when she was a teen, but her face is longer and she's got dark eyes like her dad, Carlos Leon, who apparently dotes on her and has a great co-parenting relationship with Madge. I love this. I always imagined the conversation between Madonna and Carlos, who was one of her backup dancers, to be like: "Hey C, I'm thinking that I want to have a baby. You're a nice guy, you have great genes, and I really don't need a relationship but you can be in the baby's life as much as you want. Wanna knock me up?" Carlos said yes since, well, who says no to Madonna?

Little Lola has her own fashion collection now, "Material Girl" (it's actually Madonna's tween line inspired by Lourdes), and her own blog to go with it. Lola accompanied Madge to a Jay-Z concert and blogged about it, and I found this part to be completely fascinating:

"My mom was dancing the entire time which is LOL now that I think about it, but in the moment I was just like, ”mom……please no”.

Lourdes was embarassed by Madonna's dancing. AMAZING.

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