Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Behold! I am a candy maker.

Willy Wonka should give me that Golden Ticket and a job (and let me run around in the huge room with the candy teacups and the chocolate river because SERIOUSLY).

So it all began this evening as I was standing in front of the pantry eating chocolate chips out of the bag and I thought, "This is just sad", so I went about trying to find a more dignified way to get my chocolate fix. After I did some investigating into the pantry and discovered pretzels and pecans, I had a moment of divine inspiration - a.k.a What Would Ina Garten Do? - and I decided to combine the three ingredients to create a salty-sweet snack. Here is the recipe:

*Besides pretzels, chocolate chips, and pecans, you will need two glass bowls, a knife, a spatula, a cookie sheet, and some waxed paper. And a microwave and a refrigerator.

-Chop the pecans and put them in one bowl (you might have to repeat this step a few times).

-Dump half the bag of chocolate chips in one of the bowls and microwave at 15 second intervals, stirring between each nuking period, until chocolate is totally melted. This is Ina's easy way to temper chocolate :)

-Dip half of each pretzel in the chocolate, then dip it again into the chopped pecans.

-Lay the candy (woo hoo!) on the waxed paper on the baking sheet, and refrigerate until solid.

So you're probably like, "Whatever, my grandma could do that with her eyes closed", but I am proud that I came up with this recipe all by myself. Now I am off to spoil my dinner.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Whitesnake=Still Awesome

Aren't they pretty?

While I have yet to decide whether the invention of the Internet is ultimately good or bad for insomnia, it does at the very least give you something to do besides toss and turn for hours. When insomnia strikes for me, I often mosey over to YouTube to watch music videos (since MTV doesn't seem to be into them anymore). Early 90's R&B and 80's Hair Band videos are usually my favorites to watch because they remind me of a simpler time when the biggest things I had to worry about were homework and boys...although none of them resembled the hotties from Whitesnake. Easy to make fun of them now, but go and watch the "Is This Love?" video and see if it doesn't make you wish that you had a sweet pair of giant white pumps and Tawny Kitaen's hair.