Friday, November 18, 2011

Guilty Pleasure: Juicy Couture Tracksuit

I think Uggs are horrible. The opposite of style. Like stinky little suede marshmallows that you wear on your feet. However, I can sympathize with fans of Uggs who claim to love them due to their warmth and comfort...because I will wear my velour Juicy Couture Tracksuit until the day it falls apart. I reach for it on chilly days, on sick days, on days that I'm likely to spend the majority of my waking hours shuffling around the apartment and scanning the cable guide in hopes that Bravo will show a marathon of "The Rachel Zoe Project". There is even a hint of nostagia to my tracksuit: all I have to do is put it on and there, in the mirror, I'm back in my college apartment in 2003, cramming for a test in Textiles & Merchandising and listening to J.Lo and Ja Rule sing "I'm Real". Wearing a velour Juicy Couture Tracksuit is like wearing a hug.

Yes, I can sympathize with the die-hard Uggs fans out there, but the difference between us is that my tracksuit never goes out in public unless I'm taking the dog out to the yard for a potty break at 6am. Some things are just meant to stay behind closed doors...and immortalized forever in mid-2000's R&B videos.

Image courtesy of Juicy Couture Outlets.

Monday, November 14, 2011

J.Crew Double Cloth Metro Coat in Dark Eggplant

I traveled through two airports this weekend while wearing this coat and got SO MANY compliments. One guy asked me if I was on my way to Europe (I wish), another guy told me to smile (which I really don't like) and then said, "I know I'd be smiling if I was wearing that gorgeous coat! LOVE the color!" It's slim-fitting and hits just above the knee, perfect for a chilly autumn day (or any chilly day from October to March in Georgia). Most of my coats are from J.Crew - they are durable and oh so stylish - and I was so glad to add this one to my collection.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

No Fair

I would very much like to wrap myself up in this Anthropologie Dressage Sweatercoat. To guard myself against the chill of winter with cuddly prancing ponies...

...but it costs $188.00.

Horses are expensive.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Look for Less: Grey Suede Wedges

I've been admiring J.Crew's Martina Suede Wedges (and pretty much everything else on the J.Crew website) since they were shown in the catalog earlier this fall. They have a nice, classic shape, and the 3" heel height isn't too tall for comfort if you need to walk in them all day long. Although it would be nice to have a pair of J.Crew's wedges in the slate color, I really can't afford to drop $228.00 on a single pair of shoes right now.

But last night at Target, as I was passing through the shoe section on my way to the greeting cards, I saw these Merona Milena Suede Wedges:

Almost exactly the same shoe, and the Target version only costs $29.99! Granted, the quality is nowhere near what you would find at J.Crew, but the upper is genuine suede and, for $30, it's no big deal if your shoes start looking a little bit shabby after a season of regular wear. The heel is 2.25" and the shade of grey is slightly darker than the Martinas but, all-in-all, I'm very pleased with them and so happy to have gotten such a great deal!

The perils of stimulants.

The picture above pretty much sums up my morning at work so far. Will switch to PG Tips for the afternoon and pretend that my boss is the Dalai Llama.