Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It is a truth universally acknowledged...

...that you can lose hours of time in the veritable black hole of visual delight that is Pinterest. The "Hey Girl" meme is pretty much played out by now, but - as an Austen freak and Colin Firth fan - I got a big  kick out of these images when I saw them on the Pinniverse:

And, although I'm a member of the "BBC P&P is the ONLY P&P!" camp, I like this image from the KK P&P because I have yet to tire of the "Call Me Maybe" meme:

For realz. I mean, Darcy and Lizzie knew each other for about a year before they got engaged, but most Regency heroines have no problem hitching their wagon to a total stranger after one mug of mulled wine so long as he can lay claim to $5,000 a year! Of course, back then most people died before they were 50, so making hay while the sun still shone was warranted.


  1. This is utterly hilarious! Mulled wine has a lot to answer for.

    1. I know I'd be hard-pressed to refuse Colonel Brandon after a mug of mulled wine, especially if he served it to me after carrying my weepy ass home across the moors.