Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Ate Diana Vreeland's Lunch Today

Sort of ;)

There is an article on page 428 of the September issue of Harper's Bazaar (where Vreeland worked before she became Editor in Chief at Vogue and then consultant to the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art - she was the shizz) called "Diana Vreeland's Secrets", and it lists "15 Things You Didn't Know About Diana Vreeland". Item #4:

She ate the same lunch every day: a whole-wheat peanut-butter-and-marmalade sandwich, washed down with scotch. "Peanut Butter is the greatest invention since Christianity," she said.

Scotch at lunch? They really went for it back in the olden days, didn't they? "Why Don't You...get hammered on your lunch break?"

I just happened to have all of the ingredients available in my pantry to make Diana's sandwich, and I substituted iced tea for scotch since it's about the same color and I doubt I'd make it back to the office if I tried to knock back a few fingers of the hard stuff with my sammy.

Know what? I have a new favorite lunch sandwich. Fast, filling, and tasty. Plus I'll save $$$ since all three ingredients are cheap and I can eat a week's worth of lunches for less than $10 (and feel very fashionable while doing it).

Thanks, DV!

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  1. I never would have thought to have peanut butter with marmalade but I love both of those things so it sounds like a winner to me.
    Thanks for the tip, that's what I'm having for lunch tomorrow, but minus the scotch which I find tastes like gasoline. Maybe a cup of hot tea.

    My goodness she must have had warm and fuzzy afternoons in the office!

  2. Occasionally some of my older colleagues talk about the days when they would have cocktails at lunch, typically once patio weather rolls around the fond memories are rehashed. I enjoy scotch but if I had one at lunch I don't think I'd make it back to the office. It has a way of melting me into the chair for a while. Not that I can't get up, I just don't want to. LOL

  3. well, it's only PB&J after all! I guess the (now gone) fancy stores from which DV's housekeeper ordered provisions didn't stock Welch's grape jelly. Now the key question: smooth or crunchy?

  4. My kids eat PB&J every day. They're mad since I moved them to a healthier brand, but since I made homemade jam, they've gotten used to it. No scotch for me, but I adore that Diana made it part of her daily routine. What a great story!

  5. I read her autobiography in college and it's an amazing read as she had a spectacular life. I will have to give the sandwich a try!

  6. I've done beer with lunch before with some co-workers, but the fries usually suck up any lingering alcohol. PB&M with scotch sounds a bit more adventurous, haha.

  7. No scotch? I was hoping you kept that part. lol Butter & marmalade is good, too. At least when I was 3. ;)