Monday, September 17, 2012

Emerson Fry Fall 2012

Emerson Fry's Fall 2012 Collection just hit their website this morning! I'm seeing some very nice items: coats, pumps, blouses, trousers...and some very "meh" items: some funky long skirts, a dress that looks too thin to wear in public, etc. Also, I miss seeing Emerson model her own designs. I wanted to BE her in Fall 2010 and Spring 2011. The model that they're using for Fall 2012 looks sort of lost and hungry.

Here's a look at some of my favorites.




More of EF's fun Mod Dresses

Cropped Trousers

Pretty Rings

There are also some great items from Spring 2012 hanging out in the sale section at half price.

I'd take a pair of all of those shoes if I could afford them - they're on my "someday" list. I have too many coats as it is, but I'd seriously consider both that Army Coat and the Leopard Linen otherwise. The Lilac Floral Blouse is in my shopping cart, although I'm not ready to bite just yet.

How about you? What do you think of Emerson Fry Fall 2012?


  1. What I like I can't afford and don't need. I love the cozy huge coat and the heels are fab-but my days of 4" stilettos are over. Hoping to see some reviews.

    1. Me too! I Google search for EF reviews sometimes, but there aren't many. All I ever see are pictures, and I want to write to the bloggers and say "Pictures don't tell me how the shoes fit, yo." I do have last year's version of the chambray blouse and I really like it. I need to get it tailored - too big through the middle (most blouses are).

  2. I love the shoes, but I've given up high heels, I can't walk in them and have decided to stop pretending that I can! Their whole aesthetic is lovely.

    1. You're smart for giving up heels. My grandmother was a legal secretary for 50 years and her feet are now shaped like little high heels. It's kind of freaky. I try to get away with flats whenever I can, but sometimes they're just not dressy enough for the office. I'm currently stalking a pair of vintage Ferragamo Varas on Ebay since they look like a nice happy-medium between flats and heels.

  3. I agree that it was better when she modeled her own designs but perhaps she just doesn't have time anymore. Whoever is modeling I wish they would give better views of the products. I bought the Pharoah sandals from SP/SU 12, even though I couldn't see a lot of detail. Thankfully they are just as beautiful as I imagined, because I did have to imagine some of it!

    I'm pining for that purple printed silk blouse and the purple sandals. The layering dress is made of Cupro, which is a lining fabric. Is it supposed to be worn under other dresses or what's the deal? I'm just not getting it.

  4. def. want that snow lepoard coat, amazing!