Tuesday, August 28, 2012

J.Crew Tippi Sweater Size Comparison

I've seen a few people in the blogosphere commenting that the new Swiss Dot Tippi Sweater runs bigger than last year's solid-colored Tippi sweater. Since I just received the FA12 Swiss Dot Tippi in the mail today, I thought that I would line it up with my Fiesta Purple Tippi from FA11 and do a little comparison.

Both sweaters are size Medium, 100% Merino, same weight, same thickness. The ribbed trim at the hem and cuffs is exactly the same. The major difference between the solid 2011 Tippi and the 2012 Swiss Dot is the neckline where, as you can see, the Swiss Dot has a banded finish as opposed to a ribbed one. It also has a little button closure in the back, which makes it a bit dressier overall, imo.

Here are the two sweaters stacked on top of one-another. I lined up the shoulder seams and it looks like:

Length from collar to hem = Same
Length of sleeves = Same
Width of sleeves = Same-ish
Width of body = Swiss Dot Tippi is roughly 1/2"-3/4" wider than last year's Solid Tippi

Trying it on, though, I couldn't tell a difference in fit.

Swiss Dot Front. It isn't sheer, but I'll probably wear a shirt or cami underneath it most of the time since I'm pretty wool-sensitive.

Side view. I only tried it on for a minute or two since it's a very hot day and not really suitable for a wool sweater. My hair is such a mess...I actually felt the moment it surrendered to the humidity when I hit the front door this morning.

I hope this helps some of you who are looking to order the Swiss Dot Tippi and don't live close enough to a B&M to try it on first. If anyone else has info on the way any of this year's solid/patterned Tippis compare to last year's Tippi's size-wise, please share your observations!


  1. thanks for the detailed comparison! I love the tippi and am dying to get my hands on the swiss dot tippi. Looks so cute on you! I think I would go for my usual tippi size. If it's a bit bigger, I can always layer a tee underneath.

  2. The swiss dot tippi is so cute. Thanks for the comparison. I am wearing S in it, same as the 1st release. I haven't tried two size S to see if the fit is different. will have to do that.

  3. I bought tow last year, one was at least two sizes bigger than the other.

    My J Crew cords this year are an inch inches smaller round the waist, they really need to start getting this right.

  4. Thanks for the info! I love when crew items actually run tts.

    We are the same size! If you're looking to purge any of the sweaters from your closet, you have a buyer :)