Friday, November 18, 2011

Guilty Pleasure: Juicy Couture Tracksuit

I think Uggs are horrible. The opposite of style. Like stinky little suede marshmallows that you wear on your feet. However, I can sympathize with fans of Uggs who claim to love them due to their warmth and comfort...because I will wear my velour Juicy Couture Tracksuit until the day it falls apart. I reach for it on chilly days, on sick days, on days that I'm likely to spend the majority of my waking hours shuffling around the apartment and scanning the cable guide in hopes that Bravo will show a marathon of "The Rachel Zoe Project". There is even a hint of nostagia to my tracksuit: all I have to do is put it on and there, in the mirror, I'm back in my college apartment in 2003, cramming for a test in Textiles & Merchandising and listening to J.Lo and Ja Rule sing "I'm Real". Wearing a velour Juicy Couture Tracksuit is like wearing a hug.

Yes, I can sympathize with the die-hard Uggs fans out there, but the difference between us is that my tracksuit never goes out in public unless I'm taking the dog out to the yard for a potty break at 6am. Some things are just meant to stay behind closed doors...and immortalized forever in mid-2000's R&B videos.

Image courtesy of Juicy Couture Outlets.


  1. hahahaha yaa ohh I remember those track suit days, everyone had one in school it was the coolest thing!! totally remember JLo's pink one too! have a great NYE dear!

  2. @FFM and Pop Champagne: Happy New Year!!!

  3. LOL Whitney! I have a pair of Uggs but they are the adirondack with vibram soles and meant to be worn in serious winter weather like we get here in Canada, definitely not the "marshmallows" you mentioned.

    I do not have a "J.Lo suit", as my husband calls them but we all have comfort clothes that we wear sometimes so if this is yours, enjoy it until it's worn right out.

    Following your blog now, I show up as D James. Let's see some photos of those J.Crew new arrivals!