Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Katie Holmes in Madewell Dress and J.Crew Ballet Flats


Obviously I am TEAM KATIE, and I have been not-so-silently cheering her on in her separation and divorce from Tom Cruise (and The C of $). I loved Tom when I was 8 years old, but crushes fade when faced with CRAZY. Now I can stop referring to her as RoboKatie, and it feels so good! Here is why I, personally, have been TEAM KATIE for years:

~She was Joey Potter on "Dawson's Creek", and I was addicted to that show in college
~She always wears subtle, interesting jewelry
~She isn't afraid to experiment with short haircuts, which I love b/c everyone in Hollywood worships extensions
~She's tall, and I know what it's like to be a tall girl
~She's trying to break into the fashion design world, which I admire even though she doesn't seem to have much affinity for it (Holmes & Yang has not been impressive so far)
~She apparently loves J.Crew since she wears it all the time. I can relate....

Here is Katie in NYC yesterday with her daughter, Suri, and mom, Kathleen. I'm 100% sure that the dress is Madewell, and about 80% sure that those are J.Crew's Cece ballet flats. She's looking great, is able to have her own friends and family surrounding her again (as opposed to the last 6 years when all of her "friends" had to be Scientology approved), and is starting a new chapter of her life as a young single mom in NYC.

Katie Holmes: BAMF.

Madewell Chambray Songbird Dress

J.Crew Cece Suede Ballet Flats in Oasis Green


  1. I like her understated style but I'm surprised to hear she is entering the fashion world.

    I guess Tom is now free to marry John Travolta. A match made in Scientology heaven.

    1. L.O.L! There is so much weird in that situation, I really have no comment other than I hope Travolta can get to a happier place in his life that doesn't include sexually propositioning his masseurs. As for Tom Cruise, he'd be better off dating someone who was already a C of $ member. Less messy.

      Holmes & Yang is supposed to show at NY Fashion Week, and I'll be curious to see what goes down the runway since the H&Y pieces that Katie has worn in the past have been...uninspiring. She wore a white satin jumpsuit over a black lace top to some event, and all I could hear in my head was Laura from Project Runway S.3: "That is some Serious Ugly."

  2. I've loved Katie Holmes since her Dawson's Creek days (do you remember the j.crew catalog the cast did back then?) Although, watching DC now is somewhat painful...I'm surprised she didn't injure herself with all her eye rolling! Still, ever since then I have loved watching her grow up and develop her style.

  3. Oh, the Joey Potter eyeroll! Loves it ;) "Dawson's Creek" is on my Netflix Instant queue, so I'm just waiting for a rainy weekend indoors to indulge in some grade A nostalgia.

    I do remember that catalog and I cannot believe that Teenage Me just threw it away! I watched "The Romantics" a few weeks ago just because J.Crew had done so many promos for it...the clothes definitely out-classed the movie. Most of those roles were SO miscast!

  4. I am so happy that Katie has finally woken up and she is getting rid of Tom, she was so talented and I am sure her career is going to fly high now that she is free.
    I personally discovrred her in Ice Storm by Ang Lee, one of my favorite movies.

    1. "The Ice Storm" is a great movie! I think that she would have done a lot more dark and/or controversial roles if she hadn't married Tom, and her career would have been much farther along at this point. Here's hoping that she'll really be able to expand her catalog of characters now!

    2. Wonderful film and funnily enough I looked at her feet yesterday and thought " are they J Crew?"

  5. I'm on team katie too though I don't know much about her. I didn't think much of her when she married tom, it seemed she was giddy with who she thought was her prince. I'm impressed she is thoughtfully fighting like heck to save her daughter from the crazies.

  6. I'm thinking that being with Tom Cruise has helped her acting. She probably has some crazy shizzle to draw from now. Not to mention some CONTRAST. The best way to grow as an artist is to be tested. Get a little testimony going in your life and express it thru the art. Yep, can't wait to see what she will do. I really wish they would work on that side smirk with her, though. I don't know if that's a nervous tic or just the way her face goes, but it's always distracted me.

    And no, I don't know if TC is an alien, but I sure giggle when I think about the possibility.

  7. Team Katie all the way. just discovered your blog and love your fashion and witty posts!