Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Madewell Reviews: Tees and Tanks

One of the best things about being in a serious relationship is that you have a guaranteed ride to and from the airport. Had they included this info in the relationship propaganda pamphlets, I would have tried to get into one sooner. Anyway, it was my turn to play chauffer for the BF this weekend, and his flight ended up getting delayed a few times, so I decided to take the MARTA train from the Atlanta airport north to Buckhead and the Lenox Square mall. I may never drive into the city again: the train ride was so easy and pleasant. Since I had plenty of time, I tried on lots of different items at Madewell.

Silk Picket Stripe Tee

Despite my current closet embargo on stripes, this silk blouse caught my eye immediately. Red and navy: two of my faves. The SA said that they had just come in and they were selling very well. J.Crew came out with a similar top this Spring, the Gondola Stripe Top, but I like Madewell's version better. Something about the cut of the sleeves and the lack of the white stripes. I did end up buying this top and wore it to work pairs just as beautifully with a pencil skirt as it does with jeans.

Color=Felix Red, Size=Medium. The online description calls it "feather-light", and it absolutely is. Perfect for layering or on it's own in the summer.

As light as it is, it's not see-through at all.

Daybreak Tee and [blancnyc] Skinny Jeans

The Daybreak Tee was the first of Madewell's Linen Jersey tees that I tried on. They have such a nice hand, so lightweight...but they are SO SHEER. Even this Ink color tee showed the outline of my bra. Sheer tops are probably not a big deal for women who have smaller busts and wear pretty lingerie, but most of my bras are industrial strength minimizers. Not exactly the kind you want to show off. I just grabbed these jeans to try on with all of the tees, but I really liked them. Too bad I don't need any more denim right now. As with J.Crew's skinny ankle jeans, size up one for a less skin-tight fit.

Keepsake Stripe Tee

I really liked the heathery stripes on this tee, and the slightly longer fitted sleeves and open crewneck are nice touches, style-wise. Still too sheer for me, though.

Color=Optic White, Size Medium.

Keepsake Tee

Here is the solid version of the Keepsake tee. The Medium is pretty true to size for me. I love the slouchy fit that the model sports on the website, and I'd consider going up a size to try to get the same look, but it never works out that well for me.

Merci Stripe Tee

This is a great tee, and it has a nice heavy weight...reminds me of my St. James Mariniere tee, which only became this soft after I washed it a few times. Size Medium. AJC reviewed it as well on her blog, HERE.

Plantlife Pictureshow Tee

The panel on the front of this tee is like a heavy chiffon and I knew I wouldn't be buying it due to the sheerness, but the little botanical print is very sweet. The color isn't "me" either, but I do like chartreuse in general.

Side view, size Medium.

Runaround Tank

More linen jersey, more sheerness. I'd definitely feel uncomfortable walking around in this tank. It's nice and soft, though, and the colors are pretty. This color is "Sunset Koi".

Long-Sleeve Indigo Ink Tee

I LOVED this long-sleeve tee. The worn-in feel, the faded color, the fit, the was totally going home with me until I saw the black grease mark on the upper left shoulder (not visible in the pic). It was the only Medium in stock, so I will probably order it online.

Silk Stripe Tank

The multi-colored silky stripes on this tank overlaid onto lightweight Modal really make it special. I wish it wasn't so sheer because I ended up liking it a reminds me of the beach.

Part 2 of my reviews coming tomorrow.


  1. thanks for the reviews!
    i just read that you live in atlanta,where i lived before we moved to germany.
    i miss it a lot,we lived in kennesaw and i love,love lenox square and phipps plaza!

    1. Hi Ina! We actually live about 90 minutes south of Atlanta, so I haven't gotten to explore the city as much as I would like. I HATE driving in cities, but now that I know how easy it is to take the MARTA from the airport, I can make more visits to ATL :)

      I visited a friend in Stuttgart, Germany a few years ago and had the best time! I'd fly to Europe more often if I could afford it.

  2. Great reviews! I like the silk picket stripe tee much better than J.Crew's gondola top, I think the fit is nicer. The red looks quite orange, is it IRL? The indigo ink LS tee looks like a shrunken version of the tees my husband wears. Not a bad thing, just sayin.

    It's interesting taking the MARTA over different parts of the city that you never see when driving. The last time I was there I took the train from the airport to my father's place in Buckhead. We were finalizing his estate and the house is now sold so it's unlikely I will ever ride MARTA from the airport again since my mother lives in CCotS and the train doesn't go there. Thanks for the inspiration to reminisce.

    1. The red on the stripe tee is their "Felix Red", which is very close to true red, imo. The way it looks on the website is pretty much how it appears irl.

      Funny that you mention how the indigo LS tee looks like a guy's shirt, because I usually buy guy's tee shirts! I started doing this as a designer when I was installing homes because the men's tees were so much stronger and held up better on the job. They are thicker, the seams are often reinforced, and they are a nice length (women's tees are often too short or too long). Unless I want a more feminine scoop or v-neck, my tees are usually a plain men's size small from Hanes, haha.

      I can't remember whether I commented about it on your blog, but you have my sympathies on the loss of your father.

  3. I used to love short-sleeve white v-neck tees and I couldn't find them for women anywhere so I bought the men's at Eddie Bauer. The fit was really baggy but I thought that masked my boobs. They were so soft and I loved them. That was part of my uniform in high school and like your Hanes, they lasted forever too, I still have one of them left.

    Thank you for your sympathies. My father has been gone for some time now, he passed before I started my blog. It took quite a while to finalize his estate even though the will was detailed in meticulous order and there were no quibbles among his children. We just wrapped everything up before Thanksgiving last year.

  4. The indigo long sleeve, stripe tee and the bright jeans (?) look good on you. I like these stripes better than the gondola, too :)

    1. Thanks Gigi! I really liked the jeans too, but I barely wear the jeans I own now. Too hot down here in GA. I'm debating on whether I want to take my chances and wait until the indigo tee is on sale to save a buck, but I'll probably just buy it now to make sure it doesn't sell out.