Friday, February 24, 2012

Reviews: J.Crew Spring Rollout Purchases

I have managed to restrain myself from purchasing anything from J.Crew at full price so far this year, waiting instead to use my Spring Rewards card and the recent 20%-30% off promos to pick up a few items that have been sitting in my online shopping cart.

Pencil Skirt in Super 120's, Royal Violet

Schoolboy Blazer in Chambray

(OT: Do those shoes scream "boring, work-appropriate Navy pump, or what?) I really do love J.Crew's Super 120's suiting pieces, especially when they do them in pretty colors like this Royal Violet pencil skirt. Purchased it in my normal pencil skirt size. This wool skirt is very fine, soft, and lightweight, and fully lined so that the itch factor for me is a total zero. It's almost a 4-season skirt, with the exception of those summer days in Georgia when it's so humid that you want to peel your skin off. And speaking of summertime, I bought the Chambray Schoolboy Blazer with those kind of days in mind, as I often need a non-wool topper to wear over dresses and blouses at work. This blazer will also look super cute with shorts, a tank, and espadrilles on the weekends. Fits the same as my other Schoolboy blazers, and I like that the cotton chambray is crisp instead of rumpled.

Here's a better picture of the Chambray Schoolboy blazer.

Rugby Stripe Dress in Navy Grotto

Cotton shift dresses are some of my most favorite things in the world when it comes to casual wear, and I live in them after work when the weather gets warm. They are also the perfect thing to pack for a weekend trip since they take up a miniscule amount of space in your luggage and keep you looking chic and comfy while traveling. I've had other polo-style dresses like this one and have worn them all to rags through frequent use. The stripes make this Rugby dress fun and I love the flash of gold from the little metallic buttons. Purchased in Medium, which is my usual in J.Crew knits. There is a little bit of excess fabric on the bottom, which is normal for me when it comes to dresses. I really like the weight of the cotton fabric that J.Crew used here. It's not their tissue, vintage, or cotton's similar to the knit used on the Colorblocked Stripe Tee, and I'm a big fan of that top.

It's true that I bought this dress with warm weather in mind, but if you add tights, boots, and a blazer it becomes totally appropriate for an early Spring shopping day or Sunday brunch. Once I find the perfect pair of cognac leather riding boots (am hoping to pick up a pair on sale soon), I will wear them with this outfit. The belt is one that my sister bought for me ages ago at the National Quarter Horse Congress; it's adjustable and has become one of my most favorite wardrobe accessories :)

Typical zero-effort post-work/weekend outfit: dress and shoes (usually Weejuns, Sperrys, or Jack Rogers Sandals). This is also an excellent outfit in which to walk your dog, even if said dog is possesed by Satan as Bennett appears to be in this picture.

Aaaaahhh, loungewear. Flannel jammy pants, Hanes tee, and J.Crew cashmere - I love it so. Early Spring is the perfect time to pick up cashmere sweaters at very discounted prices, just as I did with this Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan (less than $100 on Final Sale w/ 30% off...JOY). I know that a lot of people have had some quality issues with J.Crew's cashmere in recent years, but I guess I'm just lucky because all of my sweaters and cardigans have held up beautifully. I did have a featherweight cashmere cardigan that pilled like crazy, so I gave that sweater to Goodwill and won't be buying any more in the future. The 12-gauge knits or lower are the ones that I buy, and I generally stay away from cables since they tend to add bulk. I have enough bulk up top, thanks.

Did you buy any of these pieces from J.Crew's recent Spring rollouts? What's on your wish list?


  1. Whitney, you are not only my fit twin but you are my shopping twin as well! My promo order included the violet super 120's pencil and the rugby dress. LOL Of course mine won't get here until next week so it is fun to see you modeling the goods here. You look great in both pieces. I really like the rugby dress styled for winter. I may have to try that, I even have a similar belt.

    Your dog is cute and curious. Whenever my dog sees me trying on clothes for the blog he is right in there. He probably thinks I'm getting ready to take him for a walk since I always change into casual clothes for that.

    BTW, my Talitha arrived yesterday and it is indeed 100% silk and it's quite lovely. Hope you get yours soon.

    1. Haha, great minds, etc. ;) I think you'll really like the Rugby dress and the skirt is such a pretty color. I have the black Super 120's pencil skirt as well.

      Benny always gets so fascinated when I'm trying on new clothes - I think it might be the strange smell and all the plastic bags. The BF tried to keep him sitting over beside of him while he was taking these pics, but no luck.

      I'm so glad that you got a "normal" Talitha!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I know I'll get a lot of wear out of all of these pieces.

  3. I think I NEED to order that royal violet skirt. Looks great on you Whitney!
    Love your dog!

  4. Thank you! He is rotten, but I love him, too ;)

    The Royal Violet skirt is such a gorgeous, saturated color - pretty true to the online picture above. It's hard to tell from the lighting in my apartment.

  5. Oooooo loving the chambray blazer - I got a chambray blazer from Zara last summer and its such a great closet staple. Very versatile :) Just found your blog, loving it!


    1. Thank you! Your blog has been a favorite on my blogroll for the past few months - your OOTD posts are always so fab :)