Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Return of DOMINO!

After what has been a truly crap-tastic couple of weeks at work, my outlook for Spring has greatly improved with the news that Domino Magazine is returning on April 17th with a special "Quick Fixes" edition!!!

Like pretty much everyone else in the design community (and stylish people everywhere) I mourned the loss of Domino in a major way. There have been quite a few great online blogs and shelter mags that have followed in Domino's footsteps over the years, but nothing beats the original (and, for me, I like being able to tear out glossy pages for inspiration). Here's hoping that Domino will publish more special editions, or maybe return for good!

Image found here.

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  1. I saw some buzz on this topic. I don't usually read mags but I understand this one was quite good. I may have to pick it up for a look-see. If it is available in Canada...