Friday, November 26, 2010

Whitesnake=Still Awesome

Aren't they pretty?

While I have yet to decide whether the invention of the Internet is ultimately good or bad for insomnia, it does at the very least give you something to do besides toss and turn for hours. When insomnia strikes for me, I often mosey over to YouTube to watch music videos (since MTV doesn't seem to be into them anymore). Early 90's R&B and 80's Hair Band videos are usually my favorites to watch because they remind me of a simpler time when the biggest things I had to worry about were homework and boys...although none of them resembled the hotties from Whitesnake. Easy to make fun of them now, but go and watch the "Is This Love?" video and see if it doesn't make you wish that you had a sweet pair of giant white pumps and Tawny Kitaen's hair.


  1. It is all about the hair. And maybe the cheekbones.

  2. The hair is pretty amazing...and this was before people started getting extensions!