Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Puppy Perfection

Who loves Martha Stewart?


Do I think that it is a coincidence that she announces the debut of her pet accessory line for Petsmart mere weeks after I adopt a puppy? I do not. Martha knows everything - she can sense my worshipful little mind from afar, and this is her reward to me for my unwavering devotion for the past two decades. The stuff is really cute, too...I plan to buy as many pet accessories as I can afford in the red/robin's egg colorway.

(I am even a bit envious of the women who got to serve their prison sentences with Martha at Alderson. Imagine how cool it would be to host a dinner party, and when someone complimented you on a dish, you could say, "Oh thanks, I got the recipe from Martha Stewart...when we were in prison together.")

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