Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blogs That I Like - Rachel Eats

While checking out my blog roll, I will click on any and all links that look even mildly interesting. Sometimes this is a bad thing (porn hides EVERYWHERE, doesn't it?), but most often it is how I discover some of my favorite new blogs.

Rachel Eats is one of these, and it is gorgeous. An English girl living in Italy, Rachel likes to cook, write, and eat, and I'm so glad that she does all three so very well. Each blog post comes with a recipe and a story, sometimes current and sometimes nostalgic, and she describes the cooking experience so thoroughly that you feel like you are sitting in her kitchen. Her post on the stuffed fried zucchini flowers that accompany the meal at her favorite pizzeria (crispy pizza from a wood-fired oven) has inspired me to try to make my own, and I'm not a big fryer.

The image above is of Spice-Poached Apricots and Creme Fraiche.

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