Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring (Closet) Cleaning with GOOP

Gwyneth Paltrow's Tops

"Wait, you're linking to another GOOP post?"

Yes. I have loved GP since 1994, haters gon' hate, deal with it, etc.

Mainly I'm linking to this post about Spring Cleaning for your closet HERE because me and everyone else I know went on a cleaning bender this past weekend due to "Springing Forward" and I came *thisclose* to switching out my cold weather wardrobe for my warm weather one (it's already Springtime in GA), but I decided to give it another week or two. In other words, this post was just too timely not to share.

Not to toot my own horn, but I could get a black belt in closet purging and organization. I wasn't always this way, but moving 7 times in 10 years has a tendency to make a person want to streamline as much as possible so that you're not toting around stuff that you don't need/want/doesn't fit. I purge my closet 2 or 3 times a season, separating discarded items into 4 piles: Don't Like, Doesn't Fit, Needs Drycleaning/Mending, Worn Out. The first pile goes into a plastic bag, where it stays for a few months and then gets re-evaluated to see if there are items that can go back into rotation or whether they need to be donated. Pile 2 goes to Goodwill, pile 3 is taken care of accordingly, and pile 4 is trashed. I find that the more often I closet-purge, the more manageable the task becomes (Captain Obvious is obvious). Here are the editing rules that GOOP lays out, and I particularly agree w/ numbers 3 and 6:

1. “If you hold up the garment and can see any body part imprinted in it - i.e. elbows, knees, saggy bums, etc. - it goes out.”

2. “Pay particular attention to collars - these are near your face and right in people’s eye line, so any fraying, wear-and-tear or make-up/fake tan stains, etc. means it goes.”

3. “Consider the ‘two tries rule:’ if you have put on a garment and then immediately taken it off to wear something else two or more times, let it go. I know, you spent good money on it and have never worn it, but you are not getting that money back by keeping it in your closet. Smile and enjoy the cathartic feeling of de-cluttering.”

4. “Nostalgia / gift boxes: Before you begin editing, get at least two substantial storage boxes. Allocate appropriate names for each, such as costume / nostalgia / presents etc. I have seen amazing Burberry suits hung next to Halloween costumes. I know - this is the dress you were wearing when your husband proposed to you, or this is your college sweatshirt that everyone signed... by all means keep it, as it’s a nice part of your history. But why is it in amongst your work blouses?! This makes your closet feel and look completely disorganized, which in turn makes you feel disorganized.”

“Box these items up and store them away from your everyday options. You'll be amazed how much extra space and order you'll win back just from this one simple step.”

“Same goes for the million pieces of jewelry, scarves and wallets that are not your style. Because they were gifts, you keep them out of guilt. This leaves your jewelry box and closet cluttered full of items that you'll never wear - separate all of these out.”

5. “Anything more than 6 months old that still has tags on it was a mistake. It doesn't excite you and/or it doesn't work with your other pieces. We live and learn. Assess what doesn't work, and let it go.”

6. “All, and I mean every single thing you own, should make you feel great, from your cashmere sweaters and jeans, to your evening wear.”

How about you? Are you a closet-purging master or more of a closet hoarder? Do you have any tried-and-true closet organizing rules that you stick with?

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  1. I have tendencies of both hoarder and OCD-organizer. This time of year makes me bananas because it is still so totally winter and I really just want spring to be here already!

    Further complicating my closet is the fact that I weigh a good 10 pounds less than when I became prego. I'm seriously like my fifth-grade weight. So, I'm hanging onto all of these items "in case" I become with child again. I've banished the big clothes to an empty bureau in the spare bedroom aka "room from hell" because seeing these clothes makes me break out into hives. Don't even get me started on the bins of maternity gear I have. It's kinda insane. Again, organized nicely in the spare room.

    I do like Gwynie's advice on the nostalgia items. That's a good tip for my son's stuff, actually. I keep looking at his christening get-up and Halloween costume and I'm like, "Why do I have to keep looking at this?"

    Now her tips on eating I mean starvation. Girl, please. I'm still bitter that Mario Batali took her around Spain. He should have asked moi, natch.