Thursday, June 14, 2012

J.Crew New Arrivals: Beautiful Jewelry...and Merino in June?

New online arrivals today at J.Crew! I have to say, I have been really taken with their jewelry this year, especially the necklaces (I know that RynettaPhD feels the same way, and you can see some great irl pics on her blog). I wear very little jewelry on a day-to-day basis, and I can't do the "arm party" trend since multiple stacked bracelets are too flashy and loud for my office, but these necklaces totally remind me of 1950's costume jewelry that you would find at an estate sale and could wear to special events for years. If the quality is there, I'd definitely classify these as investment pieces worth spending the money on if they catch your fancy.

Flower Lattice Necklace

This is awesome. Any plain sheath or strapless dress is immediately ready to party if you combine it with this necklace. I'd also love it if J.Crew would do a brooch in these colors!

Cabochon Fan Necklace

I saw this necklace and died. Ok, not really, but I did start drooling a little. It comes in this Spearmint color and Peach Blossom. You know where this would be gorgeous? On a bride with a very simple strapless or scoop-necked wedding dress.

Cabochon Pendant Necklace

...and all of the bridesmaids could wear this pendant version to match!

(I worked at a bridal shop for three years. Sometimes my mind just goes to "that place" automatically, I can't help it.)

Mini Ram Bangle

This little guy has been out for a few months and I luurrrrrve heem. Isn't he cute? He had a big brother that sold out really fast, unfortunately. I'd love to buy this bracelet because I'd feel like I had a little pet with me at work all day :)

Tippi Sweater in Heart Me

J.Crew had great success this past fall with their Merino Tippi sweater, and also with their wool-blend Heart Me sweater (thanks in large part to the lovely FLOTUS). They've combined the two to create the Tippi Sweater in Heart Me, and I think that it will also sell very well...IN SEPTEMBER. Seriously, it's not even July yet. Who wants to pay full price for a Merino sweater in the middle of summer??? I understand that fashion seasons don't mirror real-life seasons, but I think that most J.Crew shoppers are going to be cool with waiting until this sweater goes on sale before they buy it, simply because of the material. I seem to remember Mickey Drexler saying something to the effect of "If something ends up on the sale rack, that means that there is a flaw in the design". In this case, I think that they just should have waited until fall to introduce a wool sweater to their collection!

Now, I could be wrong. J.Crew has just started expanding into Canada and Europe, and those customers might just default to Merino as a four-season fabric for more northerly climes. Or perhaps they created a limited run of this sweater to test the waters, and will introduce more stock in the coming months. Is this the case? I guess I'll have to wait and see if all sizes end up in the sale section next month!


  1. Thanks for the sweet shout out and link love!!! I definitely agree with you. I've been all over J. Crew jewelry lately. I head straight to the jewelry case when I enter the store now. I need that Cabochon necklace in spearmint ASAP!!!!! I love your picks!

  2. While I like the new Tippi, those of us in Canada really don't wear sweaters year-round... it's going to be 90 degrees and humid in this part of the country for most of the next three months. ;) That said, I would certainly pick it up on sale and put it away until October or so. If I can hide it from the moths.