Sunday, October 30, 2011

Women to Love: Dylan Lauren

Rich, famous (she's the daughter of Ralph and Ricky Lauren), and dazzlingly beautiful, Dylan Lauren could have decided to spend her life partying on a permanent vacation around the world. Instead, she opted to use her considerable connections and savvy marketing abilities to open her own fabulous business, Dylan's Candy Bar!

Her love of candy was inspired by a showing of "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" during one of her childhood birthday parties, and she cultivated the ideas for the bright, modern design of Dylan's Candy Bar by collecting candy wrappers from sweet shops throughout Europe.

Wouldn't this be a ridiculously amazing job!!! I'm dying to visit the flagship store in NYC on my next visit. I also love her style - classic American with a fun, sexy twist. I would imagine that cultivating this sort of style was a piece of cake with THESE TWO as your parents:

Images from NY Post and Dylan's Candy Bar Website


  1. What a brilliant pic of her parents, they both look like models there.

  2. I know, I aspire to look as chic as Ricky Lauren at the beach. I'm usually squinting and picking my hair out of my SPF lip gloss.