Thursday, October 18, 2012

J.Crew New Arrivals: I Like One Shirt

This one:

Depressing but true, this is the only thing from the entire new rollout that I really like. I'm coming to realize that I don't like Tom Mora as a designer...he and I don't mesh well together in regards to our style sensibilities. J.Crew's unofficial tagline has always been "classics with a twist", and now it appears that the "twist" part is "ugly". Blergh. Well, here are my runners-up:
The Emma Top is the newest variation of their sleeveless silk chiffon tops like the Naomi and the Natasha. They are great tops for work under a jacket or cardi, but I'm not sure how that big ol' clown collar will fit under another layer. I might try it to find out.
One of the few knee-length dresses they offer, this Peplum Dress in Stretch Wool is pretty and on-trend (maybe even a little behind the peplum trend, actually). Fit is another story, though, and I'm not sure this is right for my figure.
I do love flannel pajamas, and these Flannel Gingham ones come in navy and fuschia. Mom usually buys me a new set of pajamas for Christmas every year, so this is an easy pick. Also, doesn't that model resemble Katie Holmes quite a bit? I think J.Crew noticed how much she wears their clothes and they're trying to reel her in for some more free publicity ;)
This Cabochon and Crystal Bracelet is different and kind of cool - you can see a better shot of the cabochons on the model in the Bracelet Header. $78.00 for resin, glass, and brass isn't a bad deal; I hope they offer it in more colors eventually.
I like this playful Enameled Fu Dog Bracelet, but I wish they had done the enamel in red or chartreuse. I think it would make a bigger visual impact. What do you think about the new line? Are you a fan of Tom Mora? Can you believe how many freaking pastels they used TWO MONTHS before the big holiday season???

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 16, 2012

Today was the first day that the temperature in Southwest GA was low enough (high = 77 degrees) for me to wear one of my cashmere sweaters. Here is a visual representation of how I felt about that:
Source: C'mon, you know the source.